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Daniela Imperio

Daniela Imperio
University of Eastern Piedmont “A.Avogadro”, Italy

Daniela Imperio graduated in Medicinal Chemistry with 110 magna cum laude and completed her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical and Food Biotechnology in 2011 at the University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy. After a few years as an R&D researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, she is currently a post-doctoral researcher in organic chemistry and adjunct professor of organic chemistry at the degree course in Biological Sciences, University of Eastern Piedmont. She has 16 publications, 1 patent, 2 book chapters, and her H-index publication is 7. Her research is focused on the synthesis of new glycolipid molecules for synthetic vaccines and on saccharide structures containing boronic clusters that can be used for Neutron Boron Capture Therapy

Research Interest

Medicinal Chemistry

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