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Dr Wieslaw Swietnicki

Dr Wieslaw Swietnicki
IITD PAN, Poland

Wieslaw Swietnicki is a Biochemist/Molecular Biologist working on bacterial virulence systems. , for human pathogens. His work involves a lot of bioinformatics and computational chemistry methods to design small molecules blocking vital components of pathogens’ metabolism. For vaccines, his work involves a lot of synthetic and systems biology as tools to design next generation of bacterial vaccines. His professional achievements are Vaccine design, 2nd best project in Poland, OPUS 11, Immunology and infectious Diseases, Therapeutics design, Top 3 projects in BioMed, Wroclaw, PL, 2012 and Top 3 projects by Defense Threat Reduction Agency, USA, 2012. His skills are Computer-Aided Drug Discovery, Synthetic Biology, Protein Expression and Purification and Enzyme Kinetics.

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