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Dr Ignacio Quiles Lara

Dr Ignacio Quiles Lara
Board of Directors
WBY Ventures, USA

Ignacio Quiles MSc, MBA, Ph.D., has 19+ years of managerial biopharmaceutical experience, including 6+ years at the biomedicine research level. My international experience covers the whole value chain from early discovery strategies through clinical development, go-to-market to commercialization, and reimbursement for cancer solutions. I had proudly led strategic businesses in Europe, North America, Canada, Japan, and Latin America. It seriously scaled my apprenticeship from talented and diverse people. These multicultural shocks and the executive trainings were capital in defining my learning agility and strategic thinking. Thanks to all of them, I can drive a better understanding of complex ecosystems, adequate outcome approaches and pursue innovative next-level collaborative solutions aim to serve patients in urgent needs.

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