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Pharmaceutics & Pharmacology

Pharmaceutics & Pharmacology

Four main themes are the focus of the Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology: (1) cancer therapeutics, (2) cell protective therapies, (3) drug delivery methods, and (4) drug toxicity.

(1) Cancer Therapeutics: the detection of drug resistance mechanisms, the discovery of anti-cancer drug targets, and the optimization of drug delivery to enhance outcomes for cancer patients.

(2) Cell Protective Therapies: The creation of therapies to lessen inflammatory and degenerative processes will be aided by preclinical research on the mechanisms of cell death and cell survival.

(3) Drug Delivery Systems: Future medications to treat human diseases will be developed using pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, and RNA nanotechnology.

(4) Drug Toxicity: Understanding how drugs enter healthy cells and have toxic effects will assist with the development of patient-health improvement strategies.

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