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Drug Discovery & Development

Drug Discovery & Development

Drug Discovery:

  • New understandings into the pathophysiology of an illness that enable researchers to create a product to halt or reverse the effects of the disease.
  • Molecular compounds have undergone numerous tests to determine any potential therapeutic benefits against a wide range of illnesses.
  • treatments currently in use that have unexpected consequences.
  • new technologies, like those that offer new methods to manipulate genetic material or target medical products to particular body parts.

Drug Development

When a potential compound is chosen for development, researchers run tests to learn more about:how it is metabolized, dispersed, and eliminated.

Its possible advantages and methods of operation.

  • The ideal dose.
  • The ideal dosage for the medication (such as by mouth or injection).
  • Toxicity is the term for bad reactions or side effects.
  • How it differs depending on the gender, race, or ethnicity of a group of individuals.
  • how it works with different medications and therapies.
  • its efficacy in comparison to equivalent medications.
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