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Drug Delivery Systems

Drug Delivery Systems

Systems for delivering medications into or throughout the body are known as drug delivery systems. The delivery technique, such as a pill you swallow or an injection of a vaccine, is one of these technologies. Drug "packaging"—such as a micelle or a nanoparticle—that shields the drug from deterioration and enables it to move wherever it is needed in the body is referred to as drug delivery systems.  The targeted distribution of medications will be made easier and their side effects will be lessened with further advancements in this field. Routes of delivery and delivery vehicles are the two general categories into which current research on drug delivery systems can be divided.

Delivery Routes

There are many different methods to take medications, including by injection, inhalation, skin absorption, and swallowing. Vaccination without discomfort using a microneedle patch: Because of their small size, the needles can transport medications painlessly even though they penetrate the epidermis and do not reach the nerves. Robotic pill for complicated drug oral administration.

Delivery Vehicles

By enabling the medication to go precisely where it needs to go, drug delivery vehicles can enhance drug targeting.

Sub tracks:

  • Challenges in Drug Delivery Systems
  • Advances in Drug Delivery Systems
  • Nanotechnology and Drug carrier systems
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Alternative Drug Delivery Systems
  • Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery Systems
  • Targetted Drug Delivery Systems
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